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Mfrs. of Quartz Silica Sand, Chips, Powder and Natural Sand
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Quartz India
is committed to offering its clients a wide range of value added products and services. The company has in house, fully equipped production department which produces Quartz Silica Sand, Chips, Powder and process Natural Sand. Also the company offers a range of high quality products.
We offer following products :
  1. Quartz Silica Sand White - as SiO2 - 99% +
  2. Quartz Silica Powder - From 0.150mm to 0.03mm
  3. Silica Sand - (Natural) Light Brown - as SiO2 - 70% +
  4. Water Filtration media - as Natural Gravels, Natural Sands
  5. Quartz Silica Flour - SiO2 - 99% +
  6. Quartz Powder - Iron Free from 0.150mm to 0.03mm

Quartz India has manufacturing activity and currently offers various mineral products.

Many of the minerals are produced in-house from company owned mines to exacting standards. Mining rights obtained from carefully selected raw material sources ensure a continued, high quality and purity normally associated with blue chip companies.